Spano Pratt has achieved tremendous success in the pursuit of excellence as it relates to the placement of nonprofit executive leadership. In creating the strategic plan for the next iteration of the firm; Jamie and Rose explored ways to build upon capacity and meet the growing needs of the clients to develop and assess leadership – as well as satisfy the growing needs of executives to develop their full potential.

LAK Group emerged as a natural partner in this discernment process of considering “beyond search” and moving to accommodate the growing needs of our nonprofit organizations representing some of our most important community assets.

The two firms have worked together in the past and realized the natural synergy of combining executive search with the LAK Group offerings. The executive search industry overall has embraced the trend of developing a portfolio of in-house services to address the complex challenges of identifying and growing leadership.

This partnership will focus on continuing the high level of consultative services currently offered by Spano Pratt to the nonprofit community while building capacity that will meet the needs of the future.

For more information on this partnership, please contact Rose Spano Iannelli at

Graphic showing LAK and Spano Pratt logos with a plus sign showing them joining forces